Founder & CREATIVE Boudoir photographer

Meet Naomi

Introducing Naomi – the spirited, Kindergarten teacher turned photographer who’s on a mission to capture the essence of YOU. As a full-time boudoir photographer based in Indiana and capturing clients from Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and beyond, Naomi brings a laid-back and fun-loving vibe to your personalized boudoir experience!

Imagine a session with Naomi – a mix of laughter, class, and an undeniable touch of magic. You won’t just leave transformed; you’ll walk away feeling ready to conquer the world!

Naomi isn’t your typical photographer; she’s a third-generation artist with a zest for breaking boundaries. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone as she guides you to discover the beauty that goes beyond the mirror, all with a quirky and playful twist.

Join Naomi on this journey of capturing moments, where her camera becomes a storyteller, and your uniqueness takes center stage. Get ready to create memories that are as vibrant and fun as you are!